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2020 Leadership Component Sponsorship

2020 Leadership Component Sponsorship


Leadership Component Sponsor

  • Opportunity to provide remarks to the class at one program day or the retreat

  • Opportunity to participate in all leadership component sessions

  • Corporate logo and name on the Guy Temple Breakfast and Graduation programs

  • Opportunity to provide promotional material to the class

  • Corporate listing on the LSV web site

  • Post-event publicity through monthly Chamber newsletter, The Voice of the Valley, produced and distributed in cooperation with The Daily Item reaching 64,000 readers

  • Recognition on the LSV website

  • Recognition in the LSV quarterly newsletter

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LSV reserves the right to reject sponsorships which contradict LSV's mission, or in deference to commitments not registered in our online system.

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Leadership Component

To call one part of the Leadership Susquehanna Valley program a “leadership component” may be understating the value we place on leadership development.  While in fact, all aspects of the program experience are opportunities to learn leadership skills, this one sponsorship helps us to fund the part of the program day which expressly teaches the skills of teamwork, effective communication, culture building, leading change, goal setting, managing conflict, and professional presence.  To enhance the program experience, Leadership Susquehanna Valley hired Caz Russell as a contracted leadership coach and consultant, responsible for offering five specific leadership sessions.  This sponsorship funds that effort.