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Congratulations - LSV Class of 2019!

Discover the issues that ignite your passion. Be inspired to take action. Improve the quality of life in the Susquehanna Valley. 

Leadership Susquehanna Valley is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation that provides leadership programs to educate and motivate a diverse group of citizens for effective community and organizational leadership.  The organization is driven by an all-volunteer board of directors, and currently contracts with the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce for professional management services.




In 1993, representatives from organizations within Snyder, Union and Northumberland Counties came together to forge a regional leadership program that would serve the needs of Central Pennsylvania’s rural communities, boroughs, and cities. Since its inception, more than 600 professionals from over 100 different organizations have graduated from LSV. The program's group projects add to the great impact made by LSV.

current class Experience

Bringing together men and women from a diverse range of economic, geographic, and educational backgrounds who possess an interest in assuming effective leadership roles.  They will experience a range of fields from Health and Human Services, Agriculture, to Local Government. 

The Program

Our active learning program begins with a one-and-a-half day retreat, followed by eight monthly, day-long sessions including numerous field trips, group projects and other practical experiences. Program days are interactive, often fascinating and sometimes intense.  Participants are expected to attend each of the program days and to contribute consistently to the work of the group.


Since its inception, more than 500 professionals from over 85 different organizations have graduated from LSV.  They have gone on to serve on boards, committees and task forces in nearly every community throughout the Greater Susquehanna Valley.

Benefits of LSV

The program attracts individuals who are employed in the private and public sectors, as well as those who are self-employed or retired.  Preparing each person for service within the area’s communities by providing training, information, and experience. After having one employee participate in the program, employers often send more because they see the benefits and the leadership growth that result from finishing LSV.

The Guy Temple Scholarship

For nonprofits and small businesses interested in nominating an employee to attend LSV, the Guy Temple Scholarship is available.


Planned gifts offer you an outstanding opportunity to make a charitable gift to Leadership Susquehanna Valley while maximizing the tax benefits to your estate.  Planned gifts are flexible, tax-advantaged arrangements that enable donors to make substantial gifts in ways that complement your personal financial planning. Your gift will provide the resources needed to continue educating and motivating future leaders of your community.

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There is no way you can be a leader if you’re afraid to lose.
— The Honorable Senator Gene Yaw